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Darby O'Gill are an energetic stage-show band that uses fine music and cutting humor in a singularly Irish style,
and are equally at home in an intimate pub setting as on a concert stage.

Fronted by W. Scott Messer, (lead vocals, guitar, bodhran), Darby are often joined by brilliant musicians
including regular appearances by the renowned master musician Art Kohnke, who has played with Darby from
it's start.

Over the years, Darby have opened for such acts as Glen Yarborough, the Irish Rogue's and Rovers, the
Wolfe Tones, the Kingston Trio and B. B. King.
Darby have recorded 6 albums since 1996, and have numerous awards for performance and songwriting to their credit. Their
records are being played in over 40 different countries.
Darby O'Gill do not take themselves, or anyone else, very seriously at all. Their sad songs are
terribly sad, their weighty ones are desperately weighty; but the mischief is innocent, and when
the night is done and the show is over, everyone, (the band in especial), will have enjoyed a
grand time.

Darby's show is like the Irish People. There is cleverness, surprise, a flavor of magic and a
hint of deception. Very little is done in moderation, and nothing is left unexplored, undefined or
"Anyone who's seen the Darby O'Gill band play an Irish song knows that the group captures the contrast of
merriment and sorrow that fills those tunes. It's what kept the Irish sane throughout the centuries, and what makes
the band the most vibrant group in the western United States today. They have the humor and energy of a
leprechaun and the spirit of a banshee."
-The Oregonian
"Darby's lively tunes, tight harmonies and engaging repartee have made them our favorites."
-Borders Books, Tigard
"From beginning to end, Darby O'Gill leads us on a rollicking ride of Lament and merriment, with the emphasis on
merriment. For those who live in the Northwest, Darby O'Gill puts on a show of Celtic music par excellence!"
-Brigit's Feast Magazine
"Filled with song, good humor and a fair amount of blarney, it's hard to tell who has a better time, the audience or
the band."
-Jackson Hole Brewery
"Darby O'Gill possesses a passion for the rich Celtic musical tradition, complete with superb songs and rollicking
fun that makes one glad to be alive. They are energetic, fun, good musicians and vocalists, delighting people no
matter what their age."
-Positively Entertainment
"Let me tell you about the most delightful stage show I have ever seen. I was completely enthralled by them, and I
asked myself, if I were to have the chance to do it all over again! oh, wait a minute. Did you say Darby O'Gill?
No, I've never heard of them."
-Van Morrison
(c) Copyright 1999 - 2019 Darby O'Gill.
Michael McBride
Art (The Force) Kohnke
Scott (Darby) Messer
Vocals, Guitar
Ken Andresen
Accordion, Bodhran