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Unwarranted, unflattering and at times entirely misanthropic, this album contains crass language, crude antics and vulgarity run
amok. The wholesome, talented contribution of the audience is its only redeeming feature. With over 39 songs on 29 tracks this is
Darby's most ambitious recording project to date.
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Disc 1:

01 Here's to Us: a Toast
02 Dublin Jack of All Trades
03 Ride On
04 Bombow Lane
05 Dirty Old Town
06 The Big, Strong Man
07 The Rocky Road to Dublin
08 Bagpipe Medley
09 The Greenback Dollar
10 Finnegan's Wake
11 The Spanish Lady
12 Seven Old Ladies
13 Bridie Murphy
14 The Beer Song Medley
15 Drunken Sailor
Disc 2:

01 Darby's Vest Pocket
02 Livin' Next Door to Alice
03 Bombow Lane (Reprise)
04 Join the British Army
The Divil is Dead
05 The Farmer's Daughter
06 The Wild Rover Medley
07 The Faerie Story
08 Toora Loora
09 Granny Off a Bus Medley
10 Harry Rag
11 Seven Nights Drunk
12 Gertrude and Johnny
13 The Kretchma
14 Wipeout
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