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Driven to Drink
14 tracks, 71 minutes
Recorded live at Darby's favorite Portland local, this album is not intended for the feint of heart, or those easily offended. A fine example of
the Irish Craic, with some language appropriate only in the pub environment.
Whiskey in the Jar ... Traditional Irish
The Irish Rover... Traditional Irish
Livin' Next Door to Alice... Smokie
Quare Bungle Rye... Traditional Irish
Sweet Caroline... Neil Diamond
The Rattlin' Bog... Traditional Irish
The Cow Did... Spoken-Word, Unknown
The Kissin' of the Sheriff's Wife ... W. S. Messer
Finnegan's Wake... Traditional Irish
The Beer Song Medley... Various Traditional and W. S. Messer
When I was Single Medley... Traditional Irish, Various
The Happy Birthday Dirge... Unclaimed
The Big, Strong Man... Traditional Irish
The Kretchma... Traditional Russian
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