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The Gettin's Good
21 tracks, 62 minutes
Darby’s newest album, featuring award-winning originals, traditional Irish and Scottish pieces, and a few remarkable surprises. Like
the band, the album explores everything from the ridiculous to the sublime.
Situation... W. S. Messer
The Craic Was Ninety (in the Isle of Man)... Barney Rush
(Its a Long Way From)
Clare to Here ... Ralph McTell
Queen of Argyle... Andrew M. Stewart
Biddy McGrath... Traditional Irish
Over in America... W. S. Messer
Follow Me Up to Carlow... Traditional Irish
Leather, Brass and Bone... Joe Maher
The Faerie Story... Unknown
The Gettin's Good... W. S. Messer
Jackie Wilson Said... (I’m in Heaven)... Van Morrison
Mrs. Murphy's Chowder... George Giefer
As I Roved Out... Traditional Celtic
The Scotsman... Mike Cross
Fly Up, You Fire... Joe Maher
Lads of the Fair... Brian McNeill
Wee Aines' Medley... Traditional Scottish
Superman... John Ondrasik, Five for Fighting
When You Were Sweet Sixteen... James Thornton
The Ramblin Rover... Andrew M. Stewart
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The Gettin's Good
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