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Waitin' for a Ride
15 tracks, 56 minutes
Winner of numerous awards including the coveted JPF Best Celtic Album of the Year in 2004. It has been described as a most
wonderfully crafted collection of Irish, Scottish and bullox.
The CD is no longer in production, but can be digitally downloaded through CD Baby (click below).
Glasgow Peggy... Traditional Scottish
Birnie Bouzle / When Will We Be Wed... Traditional Scottish & South African
Jack Tar... Traditional Celtic
A Toast... W. S. Messer
Parnell Square... Irving Mills / P. K. Yeates
The Kissin' of the Sherrif's Wife... W. S. Messer
Old Mary Catherine Brigette O'Gill... W. S. Messer
Whiskey in the Jar... Traditional Irish
Bachelor's Lament... Traditional Irish
Irish Ballad... Tom Lehrer
Kretchma... Traditional Russian
Night Pat Murphy Died... Traditional Irish
Finnegan's Wake... James Joyce
Finnigan's Wake... Traditional Irish
Rattlin' Bog... Traditional Irish
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Waitin' for a Ride
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