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Living Next Door to Alice
1976, Smokie. (c) 1972 co-written by nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman
Notes: 'Living Next Door To Alice' was first a hit for Smokie in 1976,
when it reached number five in the charts. The idea of the 'amended'
version of the song first came from a Dutch band called Gompie, and
their version became a hit in Europe. It also made the UK top 20 - but
Smokie covered Gompie's cover of their song with the aid of
notoriously foul-mouthed comedian Roy 'Chubby' Brown, and had the
biggest British hit. The re-release, 'Living Next Door To Alice (Who the
F**K is Alice?)' in 1995, sold in excess of 200,000 copies, reaching
the top five best-selling singles again.
Livini Next Door to Alice

E                             E7
Sally called up, when she got the word. She said
A     Am                       B7       E        B7
I suppose you've heard. . . about Alice
    E                                 E7
So I ran to the window and I looked outside
    A                     Am
And I could hardly believe my eyes
    B7                                               E        B7
As a big Limousine pulled up into Alice's drive

        E                                             E7
Now I don.t know why she's leavin', or where she's gonna go
   A                                        Am
I'm sure she has her reasons, but I don't wanna know
               B7                                    A                        E       B7
Because for twenty-four years I've been livin' next door to Alice
   E                                      E7
For twenty-four years I've been waitin' for a chance
  A                                       Am
To tell her that I love her, try to start up a romance
   B7                                                   A         E
For twenty-four years I've been livin' next door to Alice

We grew up together; two kids in the park
We carved our initials deep I the bark Me and Alice
Now she walks to the window with her head held high
And just for a moment I caught her eye
Then the big Limousine starts to pull out of Alice's drive

Sally called me back; she asked me how I felt
She said: I think I know how I can help, you forget about Alice
She said: Alice is gone, but I'm still here
And I've been waitin' for twenty-four years
Then the big limousine just. . .¦disappeared
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