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Bachelor's Lament
Traditional, PD. Recorded by Darby O'Gill, "Waitin' for a Ride", 1996,
Dog Sheet Music. (et al).
Notes: A rebel Irish songwriter / musician, bemoans that he has wasted
his life in trivial persuits, has nothing to show for it, and warns other
young men not to follow his example. A Fine Waltz.
Bachelor’s Lament Traditional, adapted by W. Scott Messer
“Waitin’ for a Ride�, Darby O’Gill, 1996

    E                          A               E
Oh, what can I say of a playboy’s behavior
A             E              B7
Have I not courted all over the place
E                          A            E
Coaxin’, cajolin’, extortin’ the ladies
 A                E                  B7                  E
Increasin’ their love with the strength of my kiss
                                 A       E
And practicin’ plainly my versification
   A                   E                    B7
To lead the young girls from their duties at home
E                                       A         E
By which they were led into sad situations
    A           E                    B7             E
The clergy declared they had best leave alone

Oh, my time of a time has been time sadly wasted
On temblor-men, tipplers and gay maids of score
I’ve sat by a candle and rhymed meself naked
With jeers that I’ve made and great oaths that I swore
And day in, day out, all the wealth of my station
Away upon master musicians I’ve thrown
And what they played to me I heard with elation
Not dreamin’ that they, too, were best left alone

And now it is true, that most furious of features
My creditors all with their warrants have come
And they swear by their souls that they’ll put me in prison
And now I am poor and ill-clad and undone
Not one of those honey-mouthed girls who deceived me
Or robbed me pretending that she was me own
But mocks me with pert and outlandish behavior
To show me too late she was best left alone

And now darkness assails me as old age draws nigh me
And I have not wealth, nor good clothes, nor red gold
I’m wakened each morning by tremblings and achings
My songs are no more the delight of the bold
Oh, to speak to a girl would be sad consolation
And so I must leave the fine tavern alone
I swear and proclaim, and I make protestation
‘Tis all that I’ve tried that was best left alone

Oh, come all of you high steppin’, milk makin’ heroes
Who long for the ladies and crave for the drink
Be sad by me now, and go cautious and careful
For fear that old age into darkness ye’ll sink
Won’t you leave hesitation and marry a lady
Of prudence and piety, wit and good tone
And leave faction fighting and such recreation
You can take it from me, boys, they’re best left alone
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