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Biddy Mulligan
Traditional. Circa 1926.
notes: The Coombe is a working class neighborhood in South Dublin.
Biddy Mulligan (The Pride of the Coombe)

G                                     C
I’m a buxom, fine widow; I live in a spot
  G               D           G
In Dublin they call it the Coombe
Me shop and me stall are laid out on the street
         G              D              G
And me palace consists of one room
At Patrick Street Corner for forty-five years
    G                                  D
I’ve stood there, I’m tellin’ no lie
    G                                         C
And while I’ve stood there, sure nobody would dare
        G                   D               G
To say black was the white of me eye

You may travel from Clare to the County Kildare
      G                             D
From Donegal down to Macroom
   G                                      C
But where would you see a fine widow like me
       G                D                G
Biddy Mulligan, the Pride of the Coombe

I sell apples and oranges, nuts and split peas
Bananas and sugar sticks sweet
Of a Saturday night I sell second-hand clothes
And the floor of me stall is the street
I sell fish of a Friday, laid out on a dish
Fresh mackerel and lovely ray
I sell lovely herring, such lovely, fresh herring
That once swam in dear Dublin Bay


I have a son, Nick, and he plays on the flute
And he plays for the Longford Street band
‘Twould do your heart good for to watch him march out
As the band goes to Ballymount Strand
In the park of a Sunday I cut a fine dash
All the neighbors look on in surprise
At me grand Paisley Shawl and me bonnet so tall
‘Twould delighten the sight of your eyes