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Bridie Murphy
This is one of a very few songs we do not know who wrote. If you
have any information, please enlighten us.. Recorded by Darby O'Gill
on "Live at the Dublin Pub".
notes: We have hundreds of great songs, and three really stupid ones.
This song is so stupid, it counts as two of those.
Bridie Murphy                                      

Am                                    G
Bridie Murphy lived on the island of Oahu
         F                     E       Am
In the Convent of the Holy Cross
Bridie was a Nun, but she wasn’t havin’ any fun
So she thought that she might jump off

Oh, Staint Anne, Saint Anne, won’t you send me down a man
To get me the hell out of here
I don’t care if he’s short, nor I don’t care if he’s fat
Just so long as he’s got all his hair

Yarashito Yamamoto was a Kamikaze pilot
From the Land of the Rizin’ Sun
And he climbed into his bomber on the seventh of December
In nineteen forty-one

And he bombed the Arizona cryin’: “Tora! Tora! Tora!�
And he thought that he might die
Well he thought that he might kill himself. Says he: Sure, I’d better kill meself
Because he’d just had a row with his wife

So he crashed in through the brambles, and he crashed in through the briars
And he crashed in through the convent wall
And he landed in the middle of Bridie’s little bedroom
And she began to cry

It’s a man! It’s a man! Oh, Saint Anne, Saint Anne
I knew you wouldn’t let me down
With his lovely little eyes, and his lovely little nose
And his propeller blade swingin’ all around

Bridie Murphy married Yarashito Yamamoto
And they had a little baby gasoon
One eye, it was round, and the other eye, it was slanted
And you would think that he was winkin’...

...when he wasn’t
Live at the Dublin Pub