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Christmas in Carrick
Traditional, PD.. New words 2004, W. S. Messer. Recorded by
Darby O'Gill, "Irish Christmas Rollick", 2004, Dog Sheet Music. (et al).
Notes: Traditional Irish Christmas song about a traditional Irish
Christmas Comes but Once a Year (Christmas in Carrick)
Traditional; Adapted by W. S. Messer

Am                                          G                                       Em
On the road the frost is glistnin’, free the street from midnight mass
Am                                             G                          Em      Am
Friendly candles glow in windows; strangers greet you as you pass
                                       G                                      Em
Home then to the laden table; ham and goose and pints of beer
Am                                               G                             Em     Am
Whiskey handed ‘round in tumblers: Christmas comes but once a year

Puddings made with eggs and treakles, seeded raisins and ground suet
Sift the bread crumbs and mixed spices, grated rind and plenty fruit
Cinnamon, ginger, cloves and nutmeg, porter, brandy and old ale
Don’t forget the wine and whiskey: Christmas comes but once a year

Women fussing in the kitchen, layin’ the food on every plate
Men are patient in the hallway gulpin’ porter while they wait
All cares are put for tomorrow; now's the time to spread good cheer
Pass the punch around the table: Christmas comes but once a year

When at last the day’s complete and all the family’s gone away
Santa’s come and left his treats for us to find on Christmas day
Never was there such a rollick; wasn’t it grand to have yous here
Now I’m sad and melancholic: Christmas comes but once a year
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