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Dick Darby
Traditional. Scheduled for an upcoming Darby CD.
Dick Darby

            D                 A                 D
Well, me name is Dick Darby, I’m a cobbler
I’ve spent me time at Old Camp
      D             G       D
They call me an old agitator
                     A             D
But now I’m resolved to repent

With me ring-thing of an ing-thing of an ayday
With me ring-thing of an ing-thing an ayday
With me ro-bo-bo, ro-bo-bo randy
And me lap-stone keeps beatin’ away

It’s forty long years I have wandered
All by the contents of me pack
Me hammers, me awls and me pinchers
I carry them all on my back

My father was hung for sheep steelin’
Me mother was burned for a witch
Me sister’s a lousy house-keeper
And I’m a ... mechanical switch

Me wife, she is humpy, she’s lumpy
Me wife, she’s the Devil, she’s slack
And no matter what I might do with her
Her tongue it goes clickety-clack

Well it’s early one morning last spring time
A little before it was day
I dunked her three times in the river
And carelessly bade her “good day�