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The Faerie Story
Recorded by Darby O'Gill, "The Gettin's Good", 2002, Dog Sheet
Notes: A humerous song. I have not been able to discover who wrote
this piece. If you know, please tell me.
The Fearie Story

        D        A         D                                    A            D
In the days of old in a kingdom bold there lived a fearsome dragon
          G           F#      Em                       A                                    A7
And the King, he was in great distress at his country’s spirits flaggin’
  G         A         D                                             G                          A
Until there came a shinin’ knight; he was handsome, bold and charmin’
          D          G        D        A                D                   A      D
And he slew that dragon with a sword and a smile that was so disarmin’
        D            G           D             A     D                   A           D
With a hey and a ho and a hey nonny no, a smile that was so disarmin’

Said the King: I wish to know thy name; said the knight: Sire, do not bother
Yea, verily, one knight, says he, is the same as any other
But the King, he said: In me daughter’s bed tonight you’ll take your leisure
And she’ll repay you for your deed with a night of exotic pleasure

One daughter, she is tall and dark, and beautiful and chaste
And she sleeps all night ‘neath the pale moonlight naked to the waist
My other daughter, she is fair; the fairest in the town
And she sleeps all night ‘neath the pale moonlight naked from the small waist down

The knight, he stayed there many an hour inside these castle walls
But the ending to our story is not what it seems at all
For in neither bed of either maid was he repaid for his glory
For he slept all night with the King instead, ‘cause this is a faerie story
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