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Ewan McColl. Scheduled for an upcoming Darby CD.
notes: A song of seduction. See Messer's translation: "Upstairs,
Downstairs", contained in this songbook.
(Ewan McColl)

  C                G                                               D
As I cam’ in by Fisherow, Musselburgh was near me
  C                 G                                                D
So I put off my musselpoke and courted wi’ my dearie

G           C             G                 D     G
Upstairs, doonstairs, timmer stair fears me
G                           C              G                            D   (Dsus)
I thoucht it wrang tae lie malang, bein’ sae near my dearie

Oh, had your apron bidden doon the kirk wad ne’er ha’ kenned it
Noo the news is through the toon, I fear I canna’ ment it

Now it’s you maun tak the cutty stool, and I maun mount the piller
That’s the way the poor folk dae, because they ha’e nay sil’er