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Fly Up, You Fire
(c) 1990, Joe Maher. Recorded by Darby O'Gill, "The Gettin's Good",
2002, Dog Sheet Music.
Notes: A song of seduction and consequence.
Fly Up, You Fire
Joe Maher

G                                                           Am                    (Em)
On a clear autumn day comes a man out a-gathering sticks
G                                                         Am                         G        D
And his eye wanders off on the heels of a gutty-bright girl with magic hips
     Dm            G                C
And oh, how his own heart is aching
     Dm                     G                   C
And each gutty cry is a stick that he’s breaking
 Dm                               C               G
A kindle spark leaps from a hand that is shaking

Am    Em  G     D
Burn, fire, all to ashes
Am       Em          G       D
Cooling breath; the ashes scatter
Am          G            C        Am (tacit)
Burn, you hope, and rage desire
Fly up, you fire

On the back of a great horse a woman comes galloping wild
As she thinks of a man who gave her a rocky-cart ride, and then a child
And oh, how the tall trees are trying
To raise up a rock that is dying
She spurs on a horse that is flying

On a rocky bay shore two children go tumbling about
A boy and a girl, she with a bright bow in her hair, and he without
And oh, how their laughter is ringing
And each dull rock is a separate joy singing
As heavenward fly all the dreams that they’re flinging
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