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German Clockwinder
notes: A song of seduction.
   We do not include all of these verses, but I wanted to include them
for you. I tend to complicate the chords in the chorus. It can be played
with the same progression as the verse. More original versions of this
song have the German playing a flute. I changed it for the sake of Ken,
our accordion player.
German Clockwinder

 G                                C
A German Clockwinder to Dublin once came
D                                   C                 G
Benjamin Foucks was the old German’s name
And as he was winding his way ‘round the strand
   D                                            C             G
He played on his accordion, and the music was grand

                                        Em              C        Am
With his toora-looma-looma, toora-looma, tooralieae
D           D7      C        G
                            Em              C        Am
Toora-looma-looma, toora-looma, tooralieae
D          D7      C         G

It seems this old German was the ladies’ delight
He often went to ‘em by day and by night
Some went too fast-like, and others too slow
But nine out of ten he could make ‘em all go

With his…

There was a young woman from Grosvenor Square
She said that her clock was in need of repair
In walked the bold German, and to her delight
In less than five minutes he wound her clock tight

With his…

As they were winding it up on the floor
There came a very loud knock upon the front door
In walked her husband, and great was his shock
To see the old German wind up his wife’s clock

With his…

Then says the German: Sure, I meant no harm
But the bell wouldn’t work in your wife’s old alarm
So I pulled out me oil can and gave it a squirt
If you keep it well oiled your wife’s clock will work

With your…

Then says the husband: Look here, Mary Ann
Don’t you let that old German come in here again
He wound up your clock and he left mine on the shelf
If you’re old clock needs windin’, I’ll wind it meself

With me…