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The Gettin's Good
(c) 2002, W. Scott Messer. Recorded by Darby O'Gill, "The Gettin's
Good", 2002, Dog Sheet Music.
The Gettin’s Good
© 2002, W. Scott Messer

       Gm        D               Cm     D   Gm    Cm        Gm     D        Gm
I was out there lookin’ for a job to do; having been too long upon the dole
                 D          Cm      D          Gm   Cm      Gm            D          Gm
You came to me and I trusted you; by then I think I would have sold my soul
                    Cm        Eb             D              Gm         Cm Gm-D-Gm
The things you said, the words you swore, they were not easy to ignore
                       D      Cm     D      Gm Cm       Gm               D        Gm
Now I’m not the man I was before - I’m getting’ out while the gettin’s

I was eager and naïve; a ready little patsy out of school
You were waiting to deceive. Wasn’t I the happy, willing fool
You’d think that I would understand
Your smoke and your mirrors and your slight-of-hand
If I knew then what you had planned - I’m getting’ out while the gettin’s good

If you want to drag yourself to Hell                     Oh …The getting’s good
So off you go, and faretheewell                       Oh …The getting’s good
Your dark devices terrify, still your young men come, and I don’t know why
Now you’re on your way, well, so am I   -   I’m getting’ out while the gettinâ
€™s good

                   Cm         Eb           D               Gm      Cm   Gm    D   Gm
You throw the dice, you take your chance, you pay the piper when you dance
                    Cm          Eb        D     Gm         Cm      Gm-D-Gm
I’ve served my time, I’ve paid my dues; now I’ve nothin’ left to loose
                 Cm               Gm                              D                           Gm
I’ve been too long misunderstood; now I’m getting’ out while the gettin’s
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