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Hatton Wood
Traditional. Scheduled for an upcoming Darby CD.
notes: A song of unrequited love.
The Bonnie Woods of Hatton (Hatton Wood)
Traditional ~1890

        D                   C                     G                     D
Oh, ye comrades and companions and all you gathered here
                      C D     G                         D
To my sad lamentation I pray you’ll lend an ear
                              C        D    G                     D
For it’s once I loved a bonnie lass; loved her as my life
                      C            G                        D
It was my sole intention to make that girl my wife

G   C   D

I said: My dearest Bessie, when will you name the time
When you and I’ll get married, love, and hands together join
And you’ll sit in your wee cottage, and you’ll neither spin nor sew
While your own kind-hearted highland lad is whistlin’ at the plough

I courted with yon bonnie lass for twelve-month and a day
Sometimes among the green grass, sometimes among the hay
I courted her the lee-long night and part of the next day
‘Till she said: My dearest Sandy, it’s time you went away

Put blessings on yon bonnie lass, wherever she may be
I wish no evil unto her, although she slighted me
I only hope someday that she might say before she dees
I wish I’d wed yon highland lad who sang so sweet to me