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The Kretchma
Traditional Russian. Recorded by Darby O'Gill on "Waitin' for a Ride"
and "Driven to Drink", et al.
Notes: Gene Raskin, ("Those Were the Days, My Friend"), recorded a
version of this many years ago.
The Kretchma
Trad. Adapted by W. S. Messer

             Am                 E                Am
When you hear a Russian song do you tremble
             Dm                               Am
Does your heart beat loudly in your chest
 Dm                         Am
If so, then come to the Kretchma
                         E          Am    E    Am   E   Am
It costs plenty, but it is the best

                C                                                                     G
And there is singing, and dancing, and the Russian wodka is all right
                Dm                                       Am
Come to the Kretchma, that’s where they’ll get ya
E                               Am
Drinking wodka every night
Dm Am E Am

In the doorway there is standing a Cossack
His beard snowy white upon his chest
He is waiting for the lovely Natasha
She costs plenty, but she is the best

On the stairway there is standing Natasha
Her hips they keep time to the chants
When she sings her shoulders they wibrate
And when she does that, then you’ll discover that she can’t
Driven to Drink
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