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Leather, Brass and Bone
(c) 1990, Joe Maher. Recorded by Darby O'Gill, "The Gettin's Good",
2002, Dog Sheet Music.
Notes: The death of a warrior-knight.
Leather, Brass and Bone
© 1990, Joe Maher

G                                               Dm            G            Dm
I am the warrior’s fine steel blade, fired by the smithy o’ Ramsgate
C                             G
Through the dry dust drawn
     G                                            Dm           G              Dm
And I am his shinin’ bright mail coat, sent on the wings of a longboat
C                  G
Bloody as the dawn

Dm                            C                        G
Last night lightening lit up a strange, grey shadow there
Dm                                                       G
But all was black as he peered through the storm
Dm                               C                     G
Waiting, wondering how dear his soul old luck’d hold
Dm                            C               D
Keening his sight, he unbuckled his sword

I am the warrior’s brave stallion, won from a rich Iber galleon
From my back he’s torn
And I am his loving young widow, cursing his name on my pillow
As his child is born

I am the earth that embraces him, toiling till there’s not a trace of him
Leather, brass and bone
And I am the warrior’s fond memory. Look close, ‘cause that’s all that’s
left of me
Leather, brass and bone
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