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The Night Pat Murphy Died
Traditional. Recorded by Darby O'Gill on "Waitin' for a Ride", 1996, et
notes: one of the bawdy pub pieces. There are many versions of this
song, with several delightful verses. The final verse here is Darby's.
The Night Pat Murphy Died

         G                                                              C                        G
Oh, the night that Paddy Murphy died, sure that’s the night I’ll never forget
                                              C                      D
All the boys got roarin’ drunk and some ain’t sober yet
        G                                                            C                            G
And as long as the bottle was passed around all the boys were brisk and gay
                D                 C          D     C       D       G
And Auggie came with his bagpipes, the music for to play

Mrs. Murphy in the corner, she was pourin’ out her grief
When Kelly and the lads, oh, the dirty robbin’ thieves
They crept into the anti-room and a bottle of whiskey stole
And they placed the bottle on the corpse to keep the liquor cold

And that’s how they paid their respects to Paddy Murphy
That’s how they showed their honor and their pride
They said it was a sin and a shame, but they winked at one another
And everything in the wake house went the night Pat Murphy died

It was early in the morning when the funeral left the house
And everyone but poor old Mrs. Murphy was half-soused
They made a stop along the way at the Blarney Stone saloon
They got in there at nine o’clock and they didn’t leave till noon

Then someone asked Pat Barry if anyone had died
Well, says he, I’m not quite sure; see, I just come for the ride
They started for the graveyard then, all walkin’ in a line
But when they reached the grave they found they’d left the corpse behind

It was twenty years ago me boys that old Pat was put underground
And every year to celebrate they all push the jug around
They gather at the graveyard and pour vinegar in his ditch
‘Cause everybody hated that lousy son-of-a-…
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