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She Says Right
Traditional. Scheduled for an upcoming Darby CD.
notes: I'm supprised to find so few references to this song extant. It's a
wonderful jumper. The cab driver gets seduced and then mugged.
Right, Alright

        E                                      B7
It was on the road to Dublin that I met a pretty girl
                                                      A E
She looked so good that it was quite disarmin’
I stopped and I asked her if she wanted to go home
   E                             A       B7   E
Or if she had to stay out till the mornin’

                            A E                       B7
And she says: Right! Alright! Sure, we’ll get along tonight
                                             A    E
And think about eachother in the mornin’
                     A   E             B7
Is there a way? No way I can take you in today
            E                               A                B7   E
So you’ll have to think about me when you’re yawnin’

She took to me quite lovingly, and she had much to say
and I never felt the cold as it was growin’
And then she turned and said to me: I think I’ve lost me way
And suddenly I knew me heart was glowin’

We came upon a crossroads and she asked me to get down
And I danced a merry jig among the hawthorn
I never felt her hand as she removed me wallet brown
And we danced some reels and jigs until the dawnin’

Now that my story has come to an end
She upped and she left me without warnin’
So here I am today without a penny to me name
And I wish I’d never met her in the mornin’