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Come Up the Stairs Again
(c) 1998, W. Scott Messer. Recorded by Darby O'Gill, "The Gettin's
Good", 2002, Dog Sheet Music.
Notes: This is a parody of the song, “Come up the Stairs Molly-Oâ
€�. I wrote it, along with another, more serious song, by way of
celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary. I am very fortunate that my
wife has a generous sense of humor. We recorded this song as the
bonus track of Darby O’Gill’s CD, “The Gettin’s
Come up the Stairs Again
W. S. Messer

      Dm                                C                 Dm                           C
Sometimes we make love in the morning; we try not to wake up the cat
       Dm                             C               F            G              Am  Dm
But because of your incessant snoring we never had much luck with that

I’d ply you with dinner and dancing, with candles and violin strings
But despite all my efforts romancing, you just weren’t into those things

Dm                                 C       Dm                                F
Come up the stairs, up the stairs, come up the stairs, Molly-O
Dm                                 C                F                G            Am  Dm
Come up the stairs, up the stairs; bring something to warm me old bones

Your father arrived much belated, he never liked me much, I think
But now he says we are related through marriage and sorrow and drink

Your brother was at the reception; he never let go of his hat
Your mother was at the conception; now what in the hell was with that?

And now that we’re both gettin’ older, we haven’t an egg in our nest
I’m losin’ the hair on me boulder, and you’re gettin’ hair on your chest
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