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Come Up the Stairs
Traditional, (PD).
Notes: A parody of this song was written by W. S. Messer of Darby
O'Gill, and recorded as a bonus track of Darby O’Gill’s CD, â
€œThe Gettin’s Goodâ€�.
Come up the Stairs Traditional

        Dm                                C          Dm                                   C
Young Molly was handsome and pretty. I dressed and put on me new coat
          Dm                          C                 F              G           Am  Dm
And it’s off to the mainland to meet her; meself and me small rowin’ boat

I hadn’t gone more than a furlong when holes in the bottom did sprout
A big wave come up and capsized me; meself and me small rowin’ boat

Dm                                 C       Dm                                F
Come up the stairs, up the stairs, come up the stairs, Molly-O
Dm                                 C                F                G             Am  Dm
Come up the stairs, up the stairs; bring something to warm me old bones

When up there arose a sea serpent; he was forty feet long, now, or more
He had one look at my sullen features and offered to take me ashore

He said: Where were you goin’ in such weather?
I was goin’ courtin’ Molly, says I
For there’s no young ones left on the island, so how’s a young man to get by


Why don’t you and Molly get married?
And then you could both stay at home
For it’s better to suffer in marriage than riskin’ your life in the foam

Tonight I will ask her to marry. I’m hopin’ that she will agree
For I’d rather be poor and be married than losin’ me life on the sea

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