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When You Were Sweet Sixteen
James Thornton, 1898. Recorded by Darby O'Gill on "The Gettin's
Notes: A tender song that is used frequently to celebrate wedding
When You Were Sweet Sixteen
(James Thornton, 1898)

       G                  Em                     C
When first I saw the love light in your eyes
Am                              D                        G    D - D7
I thought the world held naught but joy for me
G                                Em            C
And even though we’ve drifted far apart
Am               A                           D - D7
I never dream, but that I dream of thee

G                   Em                C
I love you as I never loved before
Am                          D                 G      D - D7
Since first I saw you on the village green
       G                   Em                   C
Come to me e’er my dream of love is o’er
Am                G           Em                    Bm
I love you as I loved you when you were sweet
                      D  D7   G
When you were sweet sixteen
The Gettin's Good