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Twice Daily
Adge Cutler.
notes: This is not a traditional song, although it seems like one. The late
Adge Cutler would be pleased to see its revival.
Twice Daily

      G                                                          D                                
When I was a lad I was so glad to go out in the daytime
                                                       D7                 G
With me fork and a bottle and a cork  to help out in the hay-time
Cuttin’ hay one fine day I met young Lucy Baily
                                                              D7                       G
And I said: my dear, are you often here? She said: yes sir, twice daily

Well we had such fun in the summer sun; Lucy was so thrillin’
So sweet and pure and I wasn’t sure if that girl was willin’
Until one day cuttin’ hay, we were workin’ gaily
When she upped and slipped and her garters ripped and I went there twice daily

Well, Lucy’s dad, he was very mad he chased me ‘round the hay barn
He says, me son, you’ve had your fun, the time has come to pay now
My girl you’ll wed, the old man said  as he waved his shotgun gaily
If you don’t, he said, where I pump the lead, you wont sit there twice daily

The very next day in the month of May we held the ceremony
And we paid off the Vicar with a gallon of the liquor and we drove to church on a pony
Now kids we’ve got, ten or more for we go on quite gaily
Though I’m old and grey, when I got me way I still go there twice daily