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Whiskey, You're the Divil
notes: A complex transition, a rollick of a song.
Whiskey, You’re the Divil

C                                                           Dm           G
Now brave boys, we're on the march, and off to Portugal and Spain
C                         Dm                       F                         G
Drums are beating, banners flying; the Divil at home we’ll come tonight

   C     G          C
So love, fare thee well

With me too da loo ra loo ra doodle da
 Dm                                 F
A too ra loo ra loo ra doodle da
   C                   Dm                 F        G       C
Me rike fall too ra laddie-o there's whisky in the jar

                                                 F               C
Oh, whisky you're the devil, you're lading me astray
F                   C                G
Over hills and mountains unto Amerikay
        C                                                 F                C
You're sweeter, stronger, dacenter, you’re spunkier nor tea
                              F                       G  C
Oh whisky, you're me darling, drunk or sober

The French are fighting boldly, men are dying hot and coldly
Give every man his flask of powder, his firelock on his shoulder

Says the mother do not wrong me, don't take me daughter from me
For if you do I will torment you and after death my ghost will haunt you